How To Buy The Best Blender For Kitchen

How to buy the best blender for the kitchen.

The Best Blender For Kitchen

Blender has many uses, besides making smoothies, it is also possible to puree foods.

However, not everyone knows how to choose the best blender.

Today let Restaurantcypress share some tips for you!

The Best Blender For Kitchen

1. Needs and purposes of use.

The Best Blender For Kitchen

Currently, there are many types of blender for example:

  • Single-function blender is the line of grinders of main types such as fruits, nuts, small ice….

Usually, the machine will have 2 grinders to help grind the fruit and the individual seeds.

This machine is suitable for those who grind simple items such as fruits and seeds, this type is suitable.

  • Multi-purpose blender is the line that can both grind and have a number of functions such as juicing, beat eggs …

The machine has many mortars, and the knives included

This product is suitable for home or diversified food processing and has many uses in one product.

  • A hand blender is a small, portable and convenient machine suitable for small kitchen space or those who want to take it away.

2. Reputable Brand and Warranty.

The Best Blender For Kitchen.

  • Before buying, you should choose a good brand, also consider the warranty from the hang to make sure your blender when there is a problem will be supported by the supplier.
  • Should choose products from reputable brands in the market, their warranty is usually very good.
  • For blenders you should choose the warranty from 1 to 2 years or more is the best.

3. Power of blender, engine operation.

The Best Blender For Kitchen

  • The mill’s engine is very important, the higher the capacity, the better the quality.
  • If you need to grind hard foods, such as frozen fruit, or ice to get the finished product you want, you should choose the one with a capacity of over 1000 watts.
  • If we only need to grind conventional foods, we only need a machine with capacities from 500 watts to 1000 watts.

4. Specialized knife holder. Rotation speed.

The Best Blender For Kitchen

  • According to experts, after the tool blade capacity and rotation speed will be the important factor to the product after being made.
  • The best blade quality is stainless steel and very hard, in addition to grinding soft ingredients, they also allow you to grind hard ingredients.
  • A good blender will have a full swing speed: slow to medium and fast to suit each type of food.

5. Price of the blender.

The Best Blender For Kitchen

  • Product price is a lot of concern, and there are many types on the market with different prices.
  • However, for a blender with many functions, a beautiful design, and a good warranty, the price is not too expensive compared to our average income.
  • So we do not advise you to choose a low price, because it has no warranty and is not really safe during use.

Above are the 5 essentials in choosing a blender.

  • We Restaurantcypress always has experts with many years of experience in the kitchen industry to help you solve the difficulties in choosing the right product.
  • Hopefully with our experience will help you make a suitable choice.

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