How to Choose a Coffee Machine?

You are a person who loves to drink coffee, but for some reason, you can’t always go to a cafe to have a drink.

So the solution now is to have a coffee machine at home.

How to choose a coffee machine?

How to choose a coffee machine?

In order to have a cup of coffee as you want, in addition to choosing the right coffee beans,

the coffee machine is also a very important factor that determines the cup of coffee.

You should not worry too much because

Today Cypress restaurant will show some notes when buying a coffee machine.

How to choose a coffee machine?

  1. Types of coffee machines.

  • automatic coffee machine

This is a machine that brings together all the features in one machine from grinding to pressing to create an attractive espresso. You just need to put a packet of coffee beans into the machine,

press the button and wait for 10 minutes to have a cup of pure Espresso.

Currently, there are a number of automatic machines with the function of making cappuccino or latte,

very suitable for offices and schools.

Some reputable brands you can refer to such as Philips, Delonghi, Bialetti, LaCimbali, …

  • Coffee capsule machine.

This is a machine that uses capsule coffee, you just need to add compressed coffee and wait a bit to have a cup of coffee and this type of coffee has a very fast brewing speed.

With this model, you can choose brands such as Delonghi, carraro…

How to choose a coffee machine?

  1. Some notes when buying a coffee machine at home.

  • Capacity of the machine.

Depending on the needs and number of people in your family, choose the most convenient capacity.

The most versatile machine can brew 6 to 14 cups of coffee at a time.

And if you only need it for yourself, just a 1-cup machine is enough.

How to choose a coffee machine?

  • Heat retention of coffee.

If you want to buy a coffee machine that keeps heat for a long time.

Before buying, you should ask about the warming time as well as how long the coffee pot can keep warm.

  • Specifications of the coffee machine.

Some parameters to note for the coffee machine you should learn: pressure, temperature, compression, amount of coffee … because it plays an important role in creating a complete cup of coffee.

  • Budget and warranty regime.

Coffee machines have a lot of prices but you should not choose a fairly cheap one because it will not guarantee the quality for a good cup of coffee.

Should choose machines from famous brands such as Philips, Delonghi, Bialetti, LaCimbali, …

Trusted brands will give you a warranty when using the product for a certain period of time.

The average price is only from $ 250 to $ 1000, you will have a lot of choices. So don’t worry too much about the budget.

How to choose a coffee machine?

3. How to use the coffee machine properly.

  • After using the coffee machine, the first thing you need to do is clean it immediately, because otherwise the coffee beans will stay in the machine for a long time and can reduce the life of the machine.
  • You should choose coffee ingredients that are of a quality type, to avoid damage or blockage.
  • Before mixing, it is necessary to check that all parts of the machine are closed and closed to adjust properly.

How to choose a coffee machine?

  1. Pros and cons of coffee machines.

+ pros:

The machine processes coffee beans directly without the need for a separate grinder to save time and money.

  • Capable of making and making many types of coffee such as capuchino, latte and they can work as an espresso machine.
  • Compact modern design suitable for any space from home to office.
  • Some models have a smart feature of automatic cleaning to save time.

+ cons:

  • The only minus point of the coffee machine is that it does not meet the needs of large businesses, this is a point of regret for coffee shops.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and neither is the coffee machine.

Above are some notes and advantages and disadvantages of coffee machines, if you want to have a coffee machine in your home but do not know how to choose, or wonder whether to buy or not.

This article will help you refer more to be able to make the most suitable choice for you.

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