6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

Microwaves are no longer a strange item for our kitchen, with a variety of cooking and processing uses.

However, in order to buy the best microwave oven, you should not ignore the problems that restaurantcypress will help you.

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven


1. Manufacturer, warranty.

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

  • When buying a microwave oven, you should choose branded products, clear origin, avoid buying fake goods with poor quality, there will be no best warranty from the company.
  • Currently, there are some microwave oven products from famous brands such as Toshiba, ninja, Panasonic … This is one of the prestigious brands you can refer to.

2. Product capacity.

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

  • Microwaves in the family usually have a capacity of 17-35 liters, but depending on your needs, you want to use how many items at the same time for your family to choose accordingly.
  • For a family of 3-4, you can use a microwave oven of about 25 liters.
  • A family of 6-7 people can use a 28-30 liter type.
  • If you use a lot for a small family, you can still buy a large or small one depending on your needs.

3. Microwave capacity.

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

  • Currently, the common power in cooking is between 800 watts and 1200 watts. If you want to bake or bake without an oven you can buy a large capacity one.
  • Note that the higher the capacity, the faster the food cooks, the heat evenly, and much faster.

4. Microwave series.

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

  • There are currently two common types in the kitchen:

+ Mechanical microwave.

  • Fully mechanical driven, with a turn-on timing knob for precise timing, and another knob for power adjustment.
  • Very simple and easy to use, usually very durable for long life.

+ Electronic microwave:

  • This type uses an electronic control panel, has a numeric keypad, supports multiple functions for different recipes, many smart features.
  • However, the price will also be more expensive than a traditional mechanical furnace.

Both types of general conclusions are okay, you should choose according to your family’s criteria.

5. Finance.

6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

  • Before buying, you should determine the limit on how much money you can buy, then it will be easier for you to localize the products.
  • However, for electronic series, you should not use products with too low price because it will not ensure the safety, quality as well as affect the perfection of the dish.

6. Some precautions for microwave hygiene and safety.

6  Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

  • Please note that you should use glass or chinaware to spin, plastic can be used but need to choose standard plastic
  • If using substandard plastic in the process of heating chemicals in plastic containers, will affect food and harm health.
  • Do not open the microwave oven without the time you set it up, it will be dangerous for yourself, opening and closing the oven during recording is also important if you do not close the oven or not close it will lead to spatter food.
  • For egg dishes, you should peel and then be heated, avoiding explosion during heating.
  • Regularly clean the microwave oven, avoid food odors sticking to causing odors, keep the microwave clean to improve product life.
  • Do not use metal objects for heating, stay 1 meter away when using the microwave, do not leave any items on top of the oven to avoid clogging air holes.
  • Do not cook in the microwave for more than 2 hours, if that time is over, you should throw out all the food, because, with too much time in addition to spoiling the food, the spoiled food will cause toxins for the body.
  •  On average, it only takes 3-5 minutes to heat up food quickly, so don’t overdo it.
  • Do not put food that has been defrosted in the microwave oven in the refrigerator because it is easy to breed bacteria.
    6 Best Note When Buying a Microwave Oven.

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